Splatter Make and Know How You bring together children, young people and adults with a desire to learn and explore new skills.

They have established a thriving community of people who are learning skills once traditionally passed down in the home or in schools. They are incredibly passionate about what they do and that’s what makes them contagiously exciting!

Splatter Make

Keep your kids busy and inspired at Splatter Make, the club for kids that gives them the chance to have a go at something a bit different!

Splatter Make have varied classes from Sewing & Textiles, Graffiti Art Workshops, Fashion Lab, Art in the Park, Workshop Style Parties and so much more.

They have a knack and a growing reputation for memorable and unique workshops that run after-school, weekends and during school holidays from 5yrs upwards.

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Explore the classes available to you on the Splatter Make website.

Know How You

Want to learn new skills? Then KHY’s adult classes can introduce you to some wonderful workshops and clubs for Sewing and more. Their classes are perfect from Absolute Beginners to those wishing to improve their sewing skills and challenge their ability.

Their inspirational teachers love what they do and aim to expand our customers’ horizons and create a real sense of achievement from our classes.

They keep to small groups to ensure they can spend time with everyone within a supportive and relaxed environment.

Know How You are open during the week for daytime and evening classes as well as our popular weekend workshops.

Check out their upcoming events in our Events Listings.

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Explore the courses available to you on the Know How You website.