What is Wasteless Market and how did it come about?

The Wasteless Market CIC is a pop up market championing vendors of consciously made goods that are environmentally responsible. We bring some of the best Zero Waste vendors together under one roof, helping the community to reduce plastic waste and fight climate change by offering sustainable eco-friendly goods and services.

Just over three years ago, my sister lost her battle with breast cancer – she was diagnosed at only 36 years old. I started to worry about the chemicals in everyday products and the amount that I was putting into my body daily. Being a single parent, I started to worry about my children; who would look after them if I wasn’t around?! Therefore, I began researching healthier, more natural options.

Many of the products I found happened to come without single-use plastic, and that is when my love of zero waste started, with a passion for the environment, the two went hand in hand perfectly. After my spray deodorant ran out, my first purchase was a natural deodorant tin and a natural baby balm. They were vegan, natural, handmade in the UK, had very few ingredients, the tins could be reused and the balm was absolutely fantastic on my daughter’s eczema! I was hooked! 

Where else have you held markets?

I’m happy to say, we’ve now had many really successful events within the borough of Bexley and due to a huge demand, we have decided to go on tour, taking the Wasteless Market to other local boroughs who have asked us to visit. Since the launch of the Wasteless Market in July 2019, dozens of people have chosen to reduce, reuse, swap or buy plastic-free products. Together we have saved so much waste from going to the incinerator already it’s truly inspiring

What can visitors expect at the Wasteless Market at the Mansion on 18th April? What kind of products will the traders be selling?

Visitors can expect a truly unique and uplifting experience. Customers love the Wasteless Market because it offers them the chance to make positive lifestyle changes which reduce their impact on the environment. They love it because of the range of beautiful and ingenious products on sale from vendors who are truly passionate about what they do, whether it is jewellery made from discarded board game pieces, vegan cosmetics in recyclable packaging, or plastic-free party bags, to name just three examples. Most of all, they love it because of the wonderful people who go there are all doing their best to make sustainable choices, whether that is through refilling their bottles with enzyme-free detergents, dropping off old toothbrushes for recycling, or learning how to make household cleaning products.

Every wonderful customer that comes through the door is there for a reason. Whether it’s to learn about natural or eco-friendly products, the Wasteless Market is helping them discover a better way. 

What is Terracycle?

The Wasteless Market also offers a Terracycle recycling drop off station run by volunteers, which gives people a recycling option that can’t be fulfilled by our councils. People can bring their hard to recycle plastic packaging, such as crisp and other snack packets, coffee pods, old toothbrushes, pet food and baby food pouches, which are then sent off to Terracycle in exchange for money for the Kent Air Ambulance. So far we have raised over £200 for charities and kept hundreds of kilograms of rubbish out of the incinerator. Free advice is given to customers on how best to recycle a wide range of items.

Should visitors bring anything on the 18th? 

If possible, visitors should bring the ‘3 R’s’ – Reusable bags, Reusable cup/cutlery and Recycling (Terracycle)  – and the ‘3 C’s’ – Cards, Cash and Containers – for your refills, cakes and hot food (any kind of container, jar or bottle that can be reused). 

What easy tips do you have for our readers on how to be more green and sustainable at home? 

Some brilliant tips from our vendors are:

If you have clothes you don’t wear anymore, try refashioning! There are loads of tutorials on blogs or YouTube to guide you. Simple changes can make all the difference, even if you don’t sew. Only about 30% of saleable donated clothing is sold in the UK – more likely it’ll be shipped to a third world country. Refashioning can give your clothes a second life, and helps you learn new skills.

Focus on making little changes and don’t feel overwhelmed that those steps you are taking aren’t enough. At home we aim to make 1 difference a month to increase our sustainability. Often we find we have successfully made multiple changes because once your mindset shifts it is amazing how many opportunities you find to reduce, reuse, repair or share resources.

Take your kids to the farmers market and your local packaging free shop if you have one. Shopping packaging free and sustainably should be natural to them. 

Any other exciting plans?

We’re also launching the online Wasteless Market, a multi-vendor website giving eco-friendly businesses a platform to sell their wares. Our crowdfunder will be going live soon, see more at wastelessmarket.co.uk

I hope that you will support me on this journey, for a healthier planet and brighter future for all.



The Wasteless Market is at the Mansion on 18th April, 11:00-15:00