Tips for Winter Joy from Mansion Yoga Teacher Mandy Meaden

Lost your mojo? It’s that time of year, says Mandy Meaden, who teaches yoga at the Mansion. Spring will begin to reveal itself soon, but until then…

We all have days when laziness overtakes us, it’s a part of the natural rhythm of life with peaks and troughs of energy and is to be expected and even welcomed. But, there can also be times when our sloth becomes inertia, and whilst the idea of feeling better is very appealing, anything we need to do to get there seems less so. The diminished light and the cold of winter means we are especially prone to this down time during the darker months.

What to do? Joy and pleasure in life is out there and within us – how do we find it? (Clue: it’s not available on Amazon or Netflix.)

Well, first of all, get out in nature, and ideally get some sun! If you see some, get yourself into it – pronto.

Secondly, get yourself amongst other humans. Spending time in the company of others has been shown in and of itself to increase health and wellbeing. We can help ourselves and one another by combining what little energy we have to the benefit of us all. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Thirdly, get moving. There are many wonderful regular classes on offer at the Mansion including yoga, Pilates and dance. What do you think might stoke your embers and help you feel you are moving towards goodness? Make yourself a cuppa and take a minute to look at the class schedule and peruse what is on offer. Some classes focus on energetic movement, some are more gentle, some focus more on the spiritual side, nearly all can accommodate beginners. More than likely you will find something that suits at a time that’s right for you – consider it a mini adventure. Maybe this simple step could lead to a fabulous change in your life for the better, or perhaps you just go the once and find it’s not for you – it’s still a story to tell. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Here’s to the snowdrops and daffodils that are on their way – soon they will be sending up their green shoots. Metaphorically, you can do the same and come spring we will all be blooming.