Rise: A Springtime Day Retreat

A Day Retreat held by Yoga Teacher Kat Basquill and Reiki practitioner Sarah Wheeler. As we pause at this time of year between the seasonal festivals of Ostara and Beltane, turn inwards to your Self to stoke the warm and rising fires of Spring, during this day of deep and active rest.View post →

Slow Yoga Workshop for Depression, Anxiety and Fatigue

This 2hr workshop is an introduction to the benefits of slow yoga, providing research and scientific evidence combined with specific practices that help combat the stresses of the modern world; depression, anxiety and fatigue. While each sequence has a specific focus, the common thread includes the immediate benefits of breath work to calm the nervous system.View post →

Hand & Block Printing

We love hand printing because it’s incredibly addictive and completely awesome when you see the final design. Step by step instructions, great fun stencils to choose from and wooden carved blocks to add more detail.View post →